Legends of Tomorrow – S5 Ep5 – A Head of her Time Review

The year is 2020 and the place Northumberland. Constantine, Charlie and Gary are still at the house and trapped with the spirit of Astra’s mother, Natalie. The mission that Constantine has and will always choose is to save Astra and if that means facing Natalie and his past Constantine will do it.

Meanwhile on the Waverider, Sara has gone to Star City and has left interim Captain Ava in charge. It isn’t long before another Encore is spotted in Paris in 1793. The team have to find the Encore before thousands die. Behrad convinces a reluctant Ava that Zari should join the team and it isn’t long before the team find Marie Antoinette who is using her magic charm to 1) get people to party like its 1793 and 2) to party until they die. Nate and Behrad give into Marie’s charms and join the party. So it falls to Ava and Zari to tempt and lure Marie away. It isn’t long until Marie loses her head literally and is on the Waverider. It seems interim Captain Ava’s first mission went off without a hitch. But this is the legends and nothing is ever as it seems.

Back in Northumberland Charlie and Gary are learning that Astra’s mother Natalie and Constantine have a long history. They were childhood friends and it was incredibly sweet to see a young Constantine wish to see his mother again.However as the memories pass you learn that Constantine picked magic over his love for Natalie and she left. Constantine turned to the dark and when Natalie died in an accident her husband Alex begged Constantine to bring her back but it went wrong. Natalie’s spirit takes over Charlie and once Constantine admits the truth that he wanted to prove that he made the right choice – magic over their future that Natalie admits that she may have a way to save Astra and this is the reason Charlie is there. The Loom of Fate could have the answer.

Astra, meanwhile, is angered by the failure of her Encores to date and seeks a way to kill Constantine. She has Constantine’s coin and she enlists the help of the Coin Maker to take her hellish revenge.

Back on the Waverider and with Marie ‘s head and body now occupying separate rooms Zari prepares to leave for her party in 2044. However with encouragement from Marie she glimpses her future which shows ruin because of perfume that damages peoples sense of smell. It is at this point that Zari realises that Marie’s power was magic perfume that can charm all of those around. Zari steals the perfume for her launch. However she spills the perfume and Zari becomes too popular. Its up to the team to save her. Ava and Zari jump into a fountain to desperse the perfume. Back on board Marie’s body has escaped and has Mick’s gun and is attacking Mick and Ray. They launch a couter attack and Marie (well part of Marie) is thwarted.

Constantine quizzes Charlie over Natalie’s revelation and Charlie admits that she had destroyed the Loom of Fate and scattered the pieces across the multiverse. However in recent months Charlie had felt a change and that her past is coming back to haunt her.

Back in hell Astra reaffirms her wish to kill Constantine by speeding up the onset of lung cancer. As the coin maker turns the wheel of hell on Constantine the illness speeds up and Constantine starts to cough up blood and feels the quickening effects of the illness whose onset has been triggered by an evil Astra. Constanine collapses and his fate and life hang in the balance.

This weeks epsiode saw Zari open up about her life. It saw Ava step forward to lead and to also revealed more of Constantine’s history which saw a sad and lonely existence with missed opportunities and suffering because of those choices. At the end of the episode we aren’t sure of Constantine’s fate. Will Constantine make it or have his Dangerous Habits caught up with him at last? Is Astra actually worth saving? The girl he knew has gone and has wished him a horrific end. Lets hope that fate can intervene and that the team will find a way of helping because regardles of his protests Constantine is now and will always be a legend.