Smallville – S1 Ep14 – Zero Review

Skeletons from Lex’s past emerge in this episode as we start with a flashback to three years ago in Metroplolis at Club Zero. Lex was there with a woman named Amanda celebrating her engagement to a mutual friend of theirs Jude Royce. At the club there was an incident which led to Royce being killed. In the present Lex’s former bodyguard Max shows up claiming he is being stalked by Royce. Lex tells him he is being paranoid and is adamant Royce is dead. However he begins to question whether that is the truth when Max is killed and a part of his body left for Lex to find at The Talon.

The events of what happened at Club Zero three years prior are told from a few different points of view, leaving us as an audience wondering what the truth really is. In the second flashback we see Sam Phelan, the dirty cop who showed up episode 9 – Rogue. During the flashback Phelan is working for the Luthors and after the shooting he tells Lex not to worry, implying he will cover up any involvement Lex had in Royce’s death. In this version it is Lex holding the gun that killed Royce… but do we believe it?

In the present day tragedy strikes at the Kent farm when Jonathan and Clark discover their livestock dead, which is attributed to Luthorcorp dumping chemicals. When Lex arrives he tries to assure the Kent’s that he will cover the costs and find out how it happened, but before he can he is kidnapped by Royce who it appears set the whole thing up.

He is taken back to where everything began at Club Zero where Royce tortures him to make him tell the truth about that night… then we hear a gunshot and the mastermind behind the strange events of this episode is revealed to be the contractor working at The Talon. We were led to believe was just an ‘extra’ as he only appeared briefly but it turns out he is Amanda’s brother and he has his own reasons for wanting revenge against Lex. He reveals Amanda committed suicide a year after Royce’s death, which he blames Lex for, and the man posing as Royce was just a look a like. In the final version of the flashback we see the truth about what happened in Club Zero; it was Amanda that pulled the trigger on the gun that killed her fiancé and Lex indeed covered it up for her. As always Clark arrived in time to save Lex without throwing any suspicion on himself.

With Lex having the lion share of the story this time, Clark has a small amount of action in the ‘b’ story. In a new school project the class is tasked to find out about the lives of their fellow classmates, and unfortunately for Clark it is Chloe that has to investigate him. She digs a little to far into his background and questions the Kent’s on his adoption. Clark makes it clear he is uncomfortable with Chloe asking too many questions so she puts her project on hold… but will the reporter in her really be able to let it go?

The Talon finally opens as a coffee shop at the end, and even though seemingly it’s only contractor was a criminal the grand opening goes smoothly. Lex is there with Clark who is still unsure of Lex’s mysterious past, but Lex simply tells Clark the only truth he needs to know is that he would do anything for his friends. It was great to see Lex take centre stage in this hour as his complex character is one of the most interesting stories to see develop.