The Flash – S6 Ep13 – Grodd Friended Me Review

This episode takes us back to The Flash that we love. With a classic villain and Barry brought back to the forefront, it’s definitely the highlight of season 6 so far.

We’re all very familiar with Grodd but this was a post-Crisis, new take on the furry fella and it took Barry quite some time to give him the time of day, when being asked for help. Everyone deserves a second chance right? Barry learnt that there are 3.725 changes since Crisis and Grodd’s change in character means we can tick one off that list. There were heartfelt scenes and just that class I’ve Flash feel throughout, which made for a great time.

With the whole Flash team off doing their own thing, Kamilla and Chester are left to help Barry at Star Labs. I really liked getting to see more of Chester. He’s so in awe of Barry and so eager to please him but he just can’t seem to do anything right. With Grodd’s help it’s almost like Barry learns to let go of the past and move forward. I feel like we’re about to see The Flash back and at his best now. Iris’ drama continues behind the mirror and we finally get to see Ava’s real agenda and we also get a little more insight into Mirror Iris. I am loving this story. Oh, and Cisco is back next week!!!