Pennyworth – S1 Ep4 – Lady Penelope Review

Martha: So when the shit hits the fan, what should I do?

Alfie: Switch off the fan I suppose or stand behind something shit proof.

Wow. Wow. Wow. What an episode. I have enjoyed each episode but ‘Lady Penelope’ just kicks it up a notch- great plot, some funny one liners and shock value!

It starts with a heavy Batman vibe- a man and a woman walking down the alley with a child. Maybe a hint at what is to come or simply to show Lord Harwood’s current predicament. We can clearly see the effects of his torture, and later on in the episode, we can see that perhaps death would have been kinder. Pennyworth certainly isn’t for the faint hearted!

The episode has two main plot lines and a little nods to other characters to make sure that we are seeing their development in the background! We see Martha and Thomas finally meeting, although they both know each other. There is no hint to what they will become, just very business like, and straight to the point. The aim of their ‘mission’ this time is to get the name of the new leader of the Raven Society. After a failed meet with an informant Martha and Alfie find themselves in a quaint little village to follow their clue about ‘The Darkness’. A little darjeeling and crumpet breakfast goes  extremely downhill and Martha and Alfie find themselves on the run. Being injured Martha visits the local doctors/hospital giving her alias as Margo Kean. After fainting Martha wakes up to find things aren’t quite what they seem. The doctor, is in fact the new leader of the Raven Society and is aware of why Martha and Alfie’s are in the village. Alfie ends up in her presence as well, and they both manage to escape, task completed and relatively unscathed! They share a few drinks later and get to know each other a little more, especial more about the others morals and a little family background from Martha. Throughout the episode we see a growing tension between Martha and Alfie, which culminates in them kissing. I am unsure where this goes, as they do say goodbye to one another- in a ‘this is final’ sense-does that mean that they wont work together any more? I would like this to continue as I do like the chemistry between them, and would like to see Thomas’s involvement as well.

The episode has a few more expositional parts including Bet and her sister. Here we see Bet getting more frustrated and eventually has had enough and starts to make her way back down to London. I suspect more hijinks from her also- I doubt we will have to wait long to see.

There is also a theme throughout the episode of being tied up/chained up- we see men in the stalks several times throughout the episode, and I believe it was to lead up to Lord Harwood’s being shown as a animal in chains and caged- for entertainment? Sport? Who knows…

The ‘second’ plot line is centred around Esme. Increasingly becoming more paranoid and feeling more “cowardly”, Esme takes up Alfie’s offer and stays with his parents while Alfie is out working. After knowing that Esme has been disinherited from her own father, it was nice to see the relationship with Alfie’s parents blossom. There is a lot of wedding chatter which helps to soften Alfie’s Dad a little, and perhaps bring the three of them closer together. However, this storyline has definitely came to an abrupt end. Perhaps things were going to well for Esme. We firstly see Alfie’s betrayal by kissing Martha, but perhaps the first major shock (but not really) of the series comes from Esme being murdered. This, I feel, with make or break Alfie and will definitely shake things up! There are so many potential ways Alfie could go- breakdown? Revenge? I doubt we will have to wait long to see!