Supergirl – S5 Ep14 – The Bodyguard Review

Supergirl becomes Andrea’s bodyguard in this week’s exciting episode!

After a short hiatus, Supergirl is back with yet another highly enjoyable episode! “The Bodyguard,” delivers more character development for Kara, Alex, and Lena. In addition, the hour also drives home an important message: live life in the real world. Focus on the people in your life that make you happy. Do not let yourself become so obsessed with technology/virtual worlds that you forget true reality. Let’s recap!

As Andrea prepares for the launch of Obsidian Platinum, she is nearly killed when the elevator appears to malfunction. Supergirl swoops in and saves her. Thanks to a discovery by Franklin and Dey, they soon realize that this was an assassination attempt. Using the anti-Obsidian manifesto they found, Team Supergirl investigates this new threat. Despite this attack, Andrea refuses to postpone the launch.

Meanwhile, Brainy continues to work under the manipulative Lex. The duo are hard at work on reengineering Toyman’s immortality code in order to use it against Leviathan. Lex reveals that Leviathan comes from a planet near Krypton and thus he now needs a new form of kryptonite to make them vulnerable. Using the attack on Andrea as a way in, Lex offers Gemma (guest star Cara Buono) Supergirl’s services so as to keep Gemma’s people in the shadows. Gemma agrees, but warns him that she does not do second chances if he fails.

Lex orders Supergirl to serve as Andrea’s bodyguard during the launch using his knowledge of her secret as leverage. Before she joins Andrea, she checks in with Alex and J’onn at the Tower. She vents her frustrations to them, but talk turns to investigation as the trio find their first lead. The powers exhibited are similar to that of a Chlorophylian. With this in mind, Alex (who is struggling with life post-DEO) and J’onn team up to find the assailant. Their search begins at the alien bar where they question a man whom Alex previously arrested. He leads them to a possible location near Route 89. Alex calls Brainy and asks for his help in locating the attacker, but Brainy lies and says he could not find anything. Despite this, the duo travels there anyway and discovers a farmhouse complete with evidence of anti-Obsidian and weapons schematics belonging to a chlorophyllian named Todd Sapphire.

Meanwhile, Supergirl is not the only one “shadowing” Andrea. William has been tasked with covering the event for CatCo, which makes things a bit awkward. While watching Andrea be interviewed ahead of the launch, the two bond over their shared views on this new virtual technology. Supergirl admits that the manifesto is right in warning against disconnecting from the real world. He agrees saying that his friend Kara helped him to see that the real world can be a wonderful place. As their conversation ends, Andrea is once again attacked by Sapphire, but Supergirl stops him. Once again, Andrea refuses to push back the launch. She tells Supergirl that she will not back down in fear as this is her family’s work.

Meanwhile, Alex and J’onn are also attacked by Sapphire. J’onn is knocked out during the attack and his powers are absorbed. Alex calls Kara, who rushes to their aid (after transporting Andrea to safety at the DEO). J’onn comes to and the trio discover documents that reveal Todd died one year ago. They quickly realize that the culprit is his widow Amy, who seeks revenge on Obsidian for its involvement in her husband’s death. Todd, an employee at Obsidian, had become addicted to VR and thus neglected his family among other things. Sapphire then attacks CatCo in an attempt to power down the launch. However, there is a failsafe in place that will draw power from the city, which according to Brainy, could cause dangerous explosions.

As Supergirl and Dreamer battle Sapphire, Alex and J’onn help evacuate the building. Brainy also arrives to determine a way to shut the failsafe (unfortunately to no avail). After taking several hits, Supergirl is able to, through compassion, reach the grieving widow and convince her to stop her attack. Meanwhile, in the midst of the chaos, Andrea escapes her safety cell at the DEO and arrives (to assist Brainy) at CatCo using her shadow powers (which she seemingly has now only just discovered).

With the day saved and Obsidian Platinum officially launched, Supergirl asks Andrea to consider slowing the rollout of the lenses. The tech mogul explains that she cannot as he devices are meant to bring healing. This is not unlike another character’s goals (aka Lena).

Speaking of Lena, she has seemingly ignored Kara’s ultimatum from the previous episode. The troubled Luthor continues to move forward with Non Nocere with much encouragement from Lex. He marvels at her success in animal testing and suggests that she move to human trials. He offers her access to the prison they own which houses some willing participants. Once there, Lena meets Steve Lomelli (guest star Willie Garson), the resident prison news writer (whom we met last season). Lena gathers several inmates including the fearful Lomelli and administers Non Nocere. At first, it is seemingly a success with the previously aggressive inmates becoming peaceful. However, things go south when Lomelli is suddenly filled with intense rage. As a result, he suffers a massive seizure. When he recovers, he explains to Lena that his fear was replaced with an uncontrollable desire for revenge.

Back at her lab, Lena questions if she is as delusional as Lex concerning her project. She is still angry that Kara thinks what she is doing is villainous. Lex shows up and assures her that she is doing the right thing. He also warns her to not be so obsessed with Supergirl as he was with Superman (which he claims twisted him). Together, they are able to adjust Non Nocere to not only account for violence, but also the drive against injustice. This appears to work when administered to Lomelli, who returns to normal expressing happiness in his newfound safety.

In the closing moments of the episode, J’onn congratulates Alex on a successful day. He reminds her that she does not need a gun or a team of agents to make her special. He then gifts her a piece of Martian tech that can transform into anything she wants it to be. After and sister to sister chat, Kara (taking her own words of wisdom to heart) admits that she does in fact want to go on a date with William and “live in the real world.” She shows up at CatCo, where Dey is working late as usual and surprises him by asking him out.

Elsewhere, Brainy continues to feel guilty about his partnership with Lex. Earlier in the the episode, he consults with another of the Brainy’s who still maintains that working with Lex is paramount to the survival of the world. Following the battle, Brainy confronts Lex pointing out that he was unable to take the Luthor Power Core offline to stop the launch. Lex brushes it off saying that everything worked out fine.

Lex is of course more concerned with his budding business relationship with Gemma and Leviathan. He meets with Gemma once again and offers to become the global brand ambassador for Obsidian Platinum in exchange for meeting her friends. Gemma agrees, but is no fool.

This was yet another highly enjoyable episode of Supergirl in my opinion. While not my favorite episode of the season, it still succeeded in moving the main plots forward in interesting ways. I particularly enjoyed the character development for Alex, Kara, and Lena in this episode. Chyler Leigh does an incredible job portraying an Alex who is finding her new purpose following her departure from the DEO. One of the strongest parts of the show for me is her bond with J’onn which made this episode special in that way. As for Kara, I always enjoy seeing her save the day not only with powers, but also her humanity. This was yet another perfect example of another of her superpowers: compassion. I am however, not fully sold on her relationship with William. Despite the plotting being a bit wonky, I do like that Kara took her own advice and decided to not avoid her own reality. Now, as for Lena, she, with some nudging from Lex, continues down the dark path despite being a hero at heart. She is such a tragic character. While her intentions are pure, by removing negative emotions, she takes away the complexities of humanity. Speaking of negatives, my only gripe with the episode was the villain of the week. While the powers were interesting, the motivations were typical.

All in all, this was another enjoyable episode that delivered as far as characters and message are concerned.

Really looking forward to next week’s episode which will feature Dreamer!

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