The Flash – S6 Ep14 – Death of the Speed Force Review

Ok, so this is more like it! A fantastic episode, opening up the season a bit more with a few twists and turns.

Wally West returns home this week and this gives us a brilliant opening scene with him dismantling a helicopter mid air. Keiynan Lonsdale’s Kid Flash is one of the Arrowverse’s most criminally underused characters. There was so much promise when he boarded the Waverider and joined the Legends briefly. He fitted in so well and a speedster would have been a great addition to that team. Anyway, Wally has become extremely zen, even finding uses for his powers that Barry doesn’t have.

He’s been sensing something wrong with the speed force and here begins their discovery of its impending death. Caused by the effects of Barry using Spectre’s powers as a boost during crisis, the speed force has been heading towards the end which would explain the issues Barry has been having with his powers. Barry feels extreme guilt and even though he’s pissed to begin with, Wally reassures him that his actions were for good reasons. Wouldn’t anyone have done the same? He was trying to save the universe!!!

Cisco also arrives home after his travels and by the end of the episode he’s probably wishing he had stayed away. That glimpse of Reverse Flash last week becomes a real problem for Team Flash this week as Eobard makes a more permanent return, threatening to kill Barry and all of his friends. I love the relationship we always get between Cisco and each incarnation of Harrison Wells, but none have a more complex past than these two. There’s a fight scene between them which was great viewing. It’s so good to have Carlos Valdes back again.

The Mirror Master story progresses a little. We see more of the connection Eva has with Mirror Iris and people’s suspicions are beginning to grow. Even Wally makes a comment to Joe as he leaves that Iris just doesn’t seem the same. But it’s Kamilla who suffers some serious consequences for taking some innocent photographs. The villain of the week aspect of the episode was a little insignificant but it did enable us to see Barry and Wally team up together again so I can’t really complain. It was fun to watch. As the episode wraps up, Barry has a genius idea which is a little bit exciting.

This episode felt like a bit of a turning point for season 6 and it definitely leaves you eager to see what’s going to happen next.