Smallville – S1 Ep18 – Drone Review

‘Clark Kent for Class President’… Clark gets a little taste of school politics in this episode as Pete nominates him to be Class President. At first Clark is reluctant to take on the challenge, but after some encouragement from his parents, who give him their approval as it is one school activity that doesn’t require him to use his abilities, he goes ahead with his campaign.

Our villain of the week is a student called Sasha who has the ability to control bees. Sasha is also running for Class President and has decided to use her drone bees to take out her competition. Clark remains unfazed and committed to his goal as he approaches Lex for advice on what type of platform he should run with. They have an interesting conversation with a few nods to the comic books, Lex allowing Clark to use his campaign slogan ‘Man of Tomorrow’ for his poster, one of Superman’s nicknames. Chloe is not as supportive of Clark’s endeavour but only because she doesn’t think Clark is running for the right reasons, it’s not a popularity contest as she aptly puts it. As editor of the school paper Chloe also has an important responsibility of endorsing a candidate and Clark is hurt when she chooses one of his rivals Paul Chan. Another nice nod to the Superman mythology comes when Chloe questions Clark on what will stand for as Class President, his response being ‘Truth, justice and other stuff’. A fun moment when we all know one of Superman’s famous catchphrases is that he stands for ‘Truth, justice and the American way.’

After defeating Sasha’s bees the gang meet at the Talon for a victory party. Paul Chan emerges as the winner, although after being attacked by Sasha, can’t be there celebrate in person. Clark accepts that Chloe had to be impartial with her endorsement and concedes that the best candidate won. It turns out a life in politics was not for him, but is it on the radar for Lex? When Clark offers to return the ‘Man of Tomorrow ‘ slogan Lex lets him keep it, saying his own aspirations reach far beyond a school election, that he one day wants to be the President of the United States. We now have more of an indication of how much Lex wants to be a leader in a position of great power, which up until now had only extended to his father’s company Luthorcorp.

Also in this instalment we learn the Talon is struggling with it’s business profits, and with Lex being the main investor, he gives Lana some advice on how to deal with the competition. While there was not too much subtext to digest in this episode, one thing I found particularly interesting was how Lana decided to use questionable tactics to out do the rival coffee shop. Although Lex prompted her actions she freely admits to him how she liked the feeling of being under handed to defeat her opponent. There are definite cracks beginning to show in Lana’s persona, which, up until now has been almost perfect.

It was great to see some little hints at the Superman mythology in this episode, especially as we are fast approaching the end of the season. There are still quite a few threads to tie up before the end of the school year and the all important ‘Spring Formal’. With the big question being… who will Clark ask to be his date? Find out in my review of the next instalment called ‘Crush’.