The Flash #750 Review

The Flash Age – Part 1

So being a big comic fan i figured it was time I started to do regular reviews and where better to start than Flash #750, I’ve been reading Flash comics regularly since the beginning of Rebirth and I’m really enjoying it, this issue is a big one, we’ve hit another milestone in comics The Flash #750 which may not be an exact number but it does celebrate 80 years since the debut of Jay Garrick the original Scarlet Speedster in January 1940 with Flash #1.

Now I will say, this is not a place for people to jump into The Flash, there is so much going on with the current story even just the numbers changing from the rebirth numbering to the original numbers is more than enough to confuse anyone we’ve gone from issue 88 to issue 750, add to that all the time travelling, multiverses, multiple Wally West’s and it’s enough to explode your brain!

This issue does begin ‘The Flash Age’ story arc, however it is a continuation from the Flash age prelude where we were introduced to Paradox a new villain created by Barry Allen himself during a fight with King Turtle, this issue is very much a look at how the Flash has impacted peoples lives in a positive way all across Central City which is a great dichotomy to his meeting at the end of the comic with Paradox who’s life he impacted in a very very negative way!

We also get some short stories in this bumper edition of the comic, ‘Beer Run’ about that loveable rogue Captain cold, ‘Why You’ a look into different versions of the Flash across the multiverse, ‘Flash of all Worlds’ featuring Mirror Master, ‘At the Starting Line’ a story focusing on the first Flash Jay Garrick and an Epilogue from ‘Flash Forward’ the most recent Wally West mini series that is next level craziness but awesome at the same time!

This story is a great set up for whats to come while combining all the recent stories to create this new event that we’re about to embark on. I’m looking forward to reading and reviewing every couple of weeks and i’ll try and keep them as spoiler free as possible, so join me me for The Flash #751 soon.

As with all marquee issues Flash #750 had a few variant covers, here are some of them!

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