Smallville – S1 Ep20 – Obscura Review

While the significance of the title of the last episode called Crush both applied to the literal crushing of the ‘villain of the week’ hands and also the romantic feelings he displayed for Chloe, this instalment called Obscura left me a bit perplexed. The word typically relates to ‘camera obscura’ which could also be referred to as a ‘pinhole image’, a natural optical phenomenon to do with the projection of an image. In relation to this episode I am left to think it refers to the effect of meteor rock exposure has on Lana.

Back to the action, which this episode is full of, we start with Lana and Whitney as they find themselves in the middle of an explosion caused by a faulty gas line. Lana is thrown across a field and is exposed to meteor fragments. When she comes around, there is Whitney and two of the Sheriff’s deputies standing over her. After visiting Lana in the hospital, Chloe is abducted by an unknown assailant, Lana however has had a vision of her abduction and her new ability means she can see through the attackers eyes.

The next day at school Lana tells Clark about the vision she had, Clark is already worried that he hasn’t heard anything from Chloe and this arouses his suspicions further. After Lana has a second vision of Chloe both her and Clark realise she is in real danger and call the police. The Sheriff sends the same two deputies, Watts and Vertigo, that were at the scene of the original gas explosion to interview Lana, co-incidence? I think not! Of course they don’t believe her and Lana’s next vision is of Chloe being buried alive, when she tells Clark he is able to find her by the land marks she describes in a field. Clark makes a heroic rescue but there is a witness who sees him using his super powers…

Even though Chloe is safe, Lana’s visions continue, she can still see through the eyes of this mystery attacker. When Clark links Lana’s new ability with the gas explosion he goes to Whitney to find put who was at the scene, leading us back to the two deputies, one of them being Chloe’s kidnapper. Clark and Chloe arrive at the Talon too late, Lana is already missing with Vertigo knocked out on the ground. It turns out it was Deputy Watts who was responsible and he has taken Lana to the carnival where he works as a security guard and where Chloe was originally held. He tells Lana he never wanted to hurt anyone, he took Chloe because he wanted to save her to be seen as a hero, and now he wants to be able to solve Lana’s murder! It seems he has quite the ‘hero’ complex himself. As always Clark arrives in time to rescue her, and Lana has one final vision of a bullet being fired directly into Watts head as he is killed by the police in a stand off.

Lex’s interest in the meteor shower is growing as Roger, the tabloid reporter on his payroll, brings a story to him about a farmer who saw a spaceship come down in a field with the meteors. Unbeknownst to the Kent’s, Roger starts gathering evidence that will prove Clark has certain abilities. Jonathan and Clark come across Lex and a team from Luthorcorp digging up the same field where Clark’s space ship crashed. When they confront Lex he claims they are just performing tests on the soil, but during the dig, they discover a silver octagonal disc with Kryptonian symbols engraved on it. This action prompts Jonathan to refuse the money Lex reimbursed him for the loss of their livestock from a few episodes prior. Jonathan is adamant Lex’s intentions will eventually hurt Clark and their family, and doesn’t want to be indebted to the Luthors anymore. His behaviour comes across as stubborn but his instincts about Lex may have been right all along.

After a harrowing ordeal Chloe finally gets some good news, both in being accepted for a summer internship at the Daily planet and when Clark asks her to be his date for the Spring Formal. Lex also has some news of his own when he has Dr Hamilton examine the disc found in the field and he is even more intrigued to learn it is not from Earth. The final shot of this penultimate episode being of Clarks space ship hidden in the Kent’s storm cellar, with an octagonal shape hole in the middle. Just how much longer can Clark keep his secret?