Constantine – S1 Ep8 – The Saint of Last Resorts – Pt 1 Review

The episode starts off in a classic ‘scary story’ setting- a convent at night. We see a man and woman in the infirmary, the woman having just given birth to a child. Wonderful moment right? Of course, this is Constantine so this moment is quickly spoiled by a creature with horrible claws/talons stealing the baby and mauling the mother to death. Again another solid opening for the show- they really do set the tone for the episode!

At HQ Zed is sitting drawing and John is, well, talking until they are interrupted by an image that has been projected of a woman named Anne Marie. From this conversation we find out that John owes her a favour- later finding out that she was involved with ‘Newcastle’. It is here that our episode splits into two distinct storylines, which makes me a little sad as it means that even though Chas is back in the episode, the three aren’t working together again. However, it all works well in this episode.

Zed stays to rest after her dealing with the fallen angel. After having been told by John she is quite safe, we see later on that not all of his defensive devices have worked. Having to out for more art supplies, Zed just so happens to bump into the man from the life drawing class/the one she has arranged to go to on a date with. How convenient. They end up having their little date there and then, however during this Zed touches his arm and gets one of her visions. Seemingly thinking nothing of it, Zed invites him back to HQ and then, well the shit hits the fan. Turning on him, Zed questions his motives and demands to know why he is after her. A few thing come to light here. 1- Zed’s name is Mary (but she does tell him “don’t you dare call me that”) 2- this thing goes deep. We find out snippets of Zed’s childhood e.g. that she was locked in her own room, for her own safety and ‘salvation’. Two other intruders have entered HQ (not sure how they got by John’s defences? Or what exactly they are). We find out they are linked to something to do with the ‘Crusades’. Which, at this point in time we do not know if our team have any prior knowledge to what this is, and how exactly will affect them all. This little side plot ends with a chase, and Zed showing us that she can be pretty damn resourceful, quick thinking and competent on her own. This side plot has hopefully given us some more pieces of the ‘Rising Darkness’ jigsaw, perhaps more to come in part 2.

John and Chas arrive to find out that their old friend is now a nun! Tension runs high between John and Anne Marie- but we find out that John was a last resort and that he owes her a favour and also that they have a sexual history together. John and Chas find out what has been happening, and John sets out to do what he needs. I must say, I do not get squeamish very often, but when John cut through the ‘pear’, I winced – makes a visual impact for sure! However, from this we find out that the kidnapper/killer is targeting the father’s family. Visiting the family we find out that what is haunting them is old, primordial almost. Here we have the connection to the series as a whole and of the ‘Rising Darkness’, and things again start to fall into place a little more. Constantine’s rituals as very visual this episode and again just shows the variety of ways in which he gets his information.

As to not give away a lot of spoilers, John finds out who has been taking the children, and they set a trap/ruse for them, so they can find the location of the others! Surprisingly a chicken works well as a fake baby, and down underground they go. They finish their objective of finding the babies. We find out who/what the demon is and the grander plan is explained- Hell and Earth shall be one! John is visibly perplexed- he doesn’t know what he can do, especially if creatures such as these keep appearing. After these (plot device) discussions, John and Anne Marie still need to get themselves and the babies to safety. But massive twist as Anne Marie shoots John as to provide a distraction- “No price is too high to save the innocent”.

The episode ends tensely, as John is hunched against the wall, bleeding out, as the creature closes in on him. Part two cannot come quick enough.