Smallville – S2 Ep2 – Heat Review

Say hello to Mrs Luthor! The gang return to Smallville High after the summer break and the heat is on, in more ways than one. With the town experiencing a heat wave we start with Clark welcoming Chloe back after her summer internship at the Daily Planet, and helping Lana with a recording she is making for Whitney now he has joined the marines. It is clear Chloe still harbours feeling for Clark but notices he has moved on. Their first class of the day is an extremely awkward biology lesson focussing on sex education with their new teacher Miss Atkins. Now Miss Atkins certainly doesn’t look or dress like any biology teacher I remember, entering the class room wearing a thread bare dress, certain to attract and entice any young student. That together with the topic of the class and the fact that they are all dripping with sweat causes a new power of Clark’s to emerge, he suddenly finds himself emitting heat bursts from eyes, accidentally setting fire to the projection screen.

We discover that Desiree Atkins is Lex’s fiancé who he met only a few weeks ago on a business trip. While it is not totally unbelievable that Lex could fall in love in such a short space of time, something doesn’t seem quite right with Desiree. After Lex asks her to sign a prenuptial agreement we see that she has a meteor power, using her enhanced pheromones to make men do anything she asks, which in this case is convincing Lex that a prenup is not necessary. Sure enough, the next day they are married and Lex seems blissfully unaware of her deception.

After another incident where Clark is unable to control the fire bursts coming from his eyes he reluctantly asks his parents for help. I say reluctantly because he is embarrassed about the feelings of desire he has right before it happens, which is not necessarily something he wishes to share with his mum and dad. Jonathan is understanding as always and helps Clark learn what triggers the heat by setting up the farm with scarecrows so he can practice using and controlling his new ability. The whole scene is actually quite comical and addresses Clark dealing with a new power together with his teenage hormones.

Desiree turns up randomly at Clark’s loft wearing a very revealing red dress at attempts to seduce him. Unfortunately for her Clark seems to be able to resist her advances which I found strange as in future episodes he succumbs to the power of magic and persuasion. But the question is what could Desiree’s reason for trying to seduce Clark be since she has just married Lex, seemingly for his money. We learn that she has a history of marrying rich men, who are then suddenly killed meaning she inherits their fortune. So her seducing Clark was purely to convince him to murder Lex. When that doesn’t work she sets out to blame Clark for the encounter and turn Lex against him. She then frames Clark by setting her own car on fire and saying she saw Clark do it, making him out to be a pyromaniac with this being the third fire he has been involved in.

With her plan coming together Desiree still needs to find a patsy to murder Lex, which falls into her lap when Jonathan Kent comes to confront her for framing Clark. Jonathan is not able to resist Desiree’s advances and falls under her spell like Lex. With Clark currently locked up, Chloe and Lana uncover the truth about Desiree’s past and tell Clark about her antics. At the mansion Lex has also discovered the truth but it appears to be too late as Jonathan turns up with a shot gun. Clark conveniently escapes police custody and rushes to the mansion to stop his dad from making the mistake of killing Lex. We see him use his heat vision to save the day for the first time as he burns the bullet in mid air before it can reach Lex.

The charges against Clark and his escape are forgotten about after the truth about Desiree is revealed and lucky for Lex he is able to get an annulment and move on. Later at the Talon Lana notes how interesting it was that Desiree was unable to seduce Clark and also talks to him about telling Whitney the truth in her video she has been making. The truth being that she has decided she doesn’t want to wait for him after all, a message I certainly would not send to a young man fighting in the marines but Lana chooses to do it anyway. She says that she wants to be honest and having a relationship based on secrets and lies is destined to fail, quite apt given who she is speaking to. This was a fun watch and great to see Clark develop a new power.