Smallville – S2 Ep3 – Duplicity Review

Clark’s secret is out! Lex’s employee from Cadmus Labs, Dr Hamilton is involved in a car collision on the same road where Clark’s space ship landed in the corn field after the tornado. Pete happens upon the wreck and discovers the ship. The next day he manages to convince Clark to help him transport it back to his garage. Pete agrees to keep quiet about his extra-terrestrial find for now, which gives Clark time to talk to his parents about what to do next.

Dr Hamilton is also after the ship and is becoming more un-hinged, experiencing severe hand spasms and mental unbalance. It seems all his work with meteor rocks has had an effect on him and he kills the driver of the other vehicle in the crash, but only after he forces him to admit he saw a space ship and it was Pete who found them at the side of the road. Jonathan and Clark head over to Pete’s garage in an attempt to retrieve the ship, but Dr Hamilton has now beaten them to it. Unfortunately for Clark, Pete sees him and Jonathan and thinks they have stolen it. Feeling betrayed and thinking that Clark just wants the ‘glory’ of this find all to himself Pete decides to end their friendship. This forces Clark to reveal his powers and prevent Pete from leaving by speeding in front of his car and stopping it with his bare hands.

It is easy to see why Clark is always so afraid to tell people his secret after the way Pete reacts. He is very hostile towards Clark and angry with him for lying and accuses him of betraying his trust. After this it makes more sense why Clark is always so guarded with the people closest to him and tries even harder to keep his true self hidden, especially from those he loves.

After being fired by Lex, Dr Hamilton turns to Lionel about his obsession and takes him to where he is keeping the ship. The question of the octangle disc and how it is connected to the space craft keeps popping up since it disappeared from Lex’s desk during the storm. Dr Hamilton thinks Pete has it and kidnaps him to find out what he knows. As always Clark comes to the rescue and Dr Hamilton is killed in the process after he has one hand spasm too many due to being exposed to more meteor rocks. Pete realises that he was out of line in his questioning of why Clark kept his secret from him for so long. After being put in danger because of his knowledge of the ship, Pete begins to understand how difficult it has been for Clark to carry this burden alone for so long.

In other news Lionel moves back into the mansion, much to Lex’s annoyance. It appears Lex still feels some guilt about Lionel’s blindness, but what are Lionel’s true motives behind this father – son reunion? Lex is suspicious of his father’s interest in the octagonal disc and goes to Clark to ask if he remembers anything about it. Clark denies any knowledge and asks Lex why he is so untrusting of his father, Lex’s response being ‘when a person has deceived me once I find it hard to give them a second chance.’ By the look on Clark’s face you can tell he knows he can never tell Lex the truth about him, thinking Lex would never forgive him for lying from the start of their friendship. Lionel takes Lex to where Hamilton was storing the ship, which is now gone. Reluctantly Lex seems to believe what Lionel saw and his interests in the ‘weird and unexplained’, as Chloe would say, are just beginning.

Lana is also experiencing some family drama as Aunt Nell has a new boyfriend Dean, who Lana isn’t too fond of. Later Lana learns that Dean and Nell are getting married, what could this mean for the future of their relationship? It does seem like the character of Nell and her scenes with Lana are more or less done as there is nothing really compelling about their story.

For Clark, he is happy he finally has a friend who he can share the other part of his life with, time will tell whether Pete can be trusted to handle the responsibility that comes with protecting Clark’s secret. This was an interesting development in the story and gives Pete’s character more meaning in Clark’s life as up until now he has had relatively little to do. Stay tuned to Earth 9 for more from Smallville season 2.