Stargirl – S1 Ep8 – Shiv Part Two Review

Directed by Geary McLeod

Written by Colleen McGuinness

Courtney is sidelined after her first brutal encounter with Cindy Burman aka Shiv! Meanwhile, Beth and the rest of the JSA set out to discover more about their new foe.

I must sound like a broken record at this point, but it must continue to be said. DC’s Stargirl is simply brilliant! This show keeps getting better and better with each new installment. The intensity and stakes (from the previous episode) carry over into “Shiv Part Two.” This epic chapter finds Courtney on the sidelines while her friends (with an assist from Pat) investigate Cindy, who continues to be a major threat. Let’s recap!

This exciting episode opens with Pat crashing his Buick in order to cover the real source of Courtney’s injuries as he takes her to the hospital. When Courtney wakes up, Pat tells her that her mother will be home later that night. Despite her injuries, Courntey is still eager to stop Cindy and the ISA. Pat  tells her that she needs to slow down and recover. He also feels that Barbara deserves to know the truth about everything. Courtney begs Pat not to tell her until they find and stop the ISA for good thus making Blue Valley safe.

Meanwhile, Barbara joins Jordan Mahkent for dinner after successfully closing the company’s latest deal. Mahkent praises her abilities once again. He then leaves to meet with a friend. He then meets with Mr. Riley, a chemical executive, who was involved in the death of many including Christine Mahkent. Jordan calmly kills the man after a brief exchange of threats.

Elsewhere, Cindy meets with her father (guest star Nelson Lee), who berates her for her latest actions. She claims that she has proven herself and deserves a seat at the table. Ito angrily reprimands her. He orders her to go home and threatens to remove his hood if she fails to comply again.

Meanwhile, the new JSA hears about Courtney’s condition. Rick is eager for a fight, while Beth urges him to exercise restraint. She offers up an alternative plan: investigate Cindy for clues as to her parents and connection to the ISA.

Pat brings Courtney home from the hospital to a warm welcome. Mike offers her some pizza bites and an apology for his outburst at the game. The two begin to bond as siblings with them warming up to that fact. Later, Barbara comes home and unknowingly interrupts a seemingly one sided conversation between Pat and the Cosmic Staff. Pat tells the staff to protect Courtney and pull her away from danger if it gets too intense. He then goes upstairs to greet his wife. He tries to explain to a disappointed Barbara what happened. She then heads to bed.

The next day, Henry continues to experience major headaches which lead him to discover his abilities. He begins to move the pain pills with his mind. The young King eventually finds a key, which unlocks his father’s secret closet housing his Brainwave suit and ISA files. Jr. is shocked to discover his father’s secrets including the elder King’s deal with Dr. Ito, involving Cindy, who was tasked with monitoring him.

Courtney gets a surprise visit from Cindy, who reveals that she knows her secret and she is not finished with her yet. Burman then threatens to kill her friends.

Meanwhile, Beth and the new JSA put her plan into motion. However, Pat finds Rick and Yolanda outside Cindy’s house and is roped into their investigation. He finds Beth at the door to the house and reluctantly joins her ruse when Cindy’s mother answers the door. The duo pose as father and daughter and friends of Cindy. Mrs. Burman lets them in and awkwardness ensues. Beth, using Chuck, discovers the secret tunnels in the basement which causes Rick and Yolanda to lose contact with her. Pat, meanwhile, pretends to fix the sink drain in order to stall Mrs. Burman.

A shaken Courtney texts Yolanda that Cindy knows everything is in on her way home. Beth eventually makes her way back upstairs and ends up in Cindy’s room. She then discovers a photo of Dr. Shiro Ito, a Japanese war criminal who was executed in 1947! Beth then hurriedly sneaks out (with an assist from the team) as Cindy enters.

Outside, the new JSA briefly discusses their findings which. Pat recognizes Ito, which worries him greatly.

Courtney realizes her friends are in trouble and eventually convinces the staff to let her go help. She suits up and confronts Cindy in the latter’s room. Another brutal battle ensues. However, this time it is broken up not by the mysterious medieval janitor, but Henry King Jr., who freaks out and knocks them back with a powerful psionic blast. Dragon King’s men take an angry Cindy away through the sewer grate. Henry is stunned at his abilities and worries for Cindy. He reads Courtney’s mind and discovers her secret and the truth about his father. Meanwhile, Dragon King watches on with glee as his prediction concerning Jr.’s powers was true.

This was yet another stellar episode of DC’s Stargirl. A compelling story, top notch acting, and intense action make this episode another standout in this incredible first season. I loved the sibling bonding scene between Courtney and Mike. Trae Romano and Brec Bassinger’s performances were truly heartwarming. I also enjoyed finding out more about Dr. Ito, who certainly has a colorful past. Nelson Lee does an incredible job playing this intimidating villain. In addition, the new JSA team dynamic continues to be a joy to watch. Anjelika Washington, Cameron Gellman, Yvette Monreal, and Luke Wilson all work so well together. Jake Austin Walker also shines in this episode as Henry continues to struggle with his new abilities.

I cannot wait to see what happens next!

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