This Week in DCTV – 12/2/21

So no new Batwoman this week, but we did see the return of Black Lightning for its final season, as it goes not a lot of the team watch it! But Justin is here to give you his thoughts on the season premiere.

Justin – Black Lightning is back! After an impressive third season, I entered this season with higher expectations. I am happy to say that this premiere met them! This emotional season opener felt like a back to basics for the series. This show has, at its core, been about the Pierce family. It is great to see the show refocus on the family dynamic that made it successful in the first place. I also appreciate the writers for not brushing over the trauma and fallout of the Markovian War. Sacrifices were made and lines were crossed for the greater good. All of this has definitely taken a toll on Jefferson, Lynn, Anissa, Jen, and Gambi. I am also excited for the eventual confrontation between Jefferson and Tobias, who is set to be the big bad once again. While I am disappointed that this is the final season, I am excited to see how this story unfolds and ultimately concludes.