Who’s you favourite DCTV character?

A nice simple one for Discussion Corner this week, who’s your favourite DCTV Character? This isnt just the Arrowverse this is from anything DCTV, so Batman ’66, Justice League cartoon, Superboy, anyone thats a DC character thats been on TV, so comment with yours below and we’ll read them out on the next episode of our podcast! Here’s a few to get you going from the Earth-9 team…. Who’s yours?? Continue reading Who’s you favourite DCTV character?

Welcome to Discussion Corner

Welcome to Discussion Corner (DC) a place to chat about things going on in the DC Universe, we will have lots of different subjects and we want to hear from you, we want opinions and ideas, but all happy and positive please, we can have differing opinions of course but no arguments and definitely no nastiness of any kind, your comments will be removed, so come on and chat with us and lets have some fun!! Continue reading Welcome to Discussion Corner