Gotham – S5 Ep2 – Trespassers

Warning: If you’re not up to date with ‘Gotham’ this review contains minor spoilers. Last week, in “Year Zero” we got a glimpse into the near future and the beginnings of a war, before returning to the present. This week, in “Trespassers” Gordon and Bullock investigate the claims of the child who escaped slavery and captivity. Meanwhile, Edward Nygma continues to deal with his multiple personality disorder and Bruce meets “The Witch.” Night And The City I have to say that this season really is delivering the goods. Last week’s set up episode laid the foundations for what looks to … Continue reading Gotham – S5 Ep2 – Trespassers

Gotham – S5 Ep1 – Year Zero

The moment that fans of Gotham have been waiting for (and dreading in equal measure) has arrived. The final season of the show is here, and if the rest of the series is of a similar quality to the opening episode, then we’re all for a treat. It’s Year Zero in Gotham City. Season four ended with a bang… quite literally. The machinations of Ra’s Al Ghul and Jeremiah Valeska led to the government abandoning Gotham City, blowing up the bridges and tunnels, and leaving the citizens of Gotham cut off from the mainland. No Man’s Land I decided to re-watch the pilot … Continue reading Gotham – S5 Ep1 – Year Zero