Titans – S1 Ep6 – Jason Todd Review

Now as you can imagine from the title this episode is all about Robin, well……Robins! We’re starting to really focus on Dick Grayson, his back story with the circus and some of his life with Batman and I am loving it for reasons I will get into shortly. First off let’s talk Jason Todd the second Robin, he’s been sent by Batman to give Dick some info about people from the Hayleys Circus being murdered and just so happened to save Dick from the ‘organisations’ hit at the end of the last ep. Now if you don’t know about Jason … Continue reading Titans – S1 Ep6 – Jason Todd Review

Titans – S1 Ep5 – Together Review

I loved this episode!!! It was very much a getting to know you ep, with the whole team finally together and hanging out in motel trying to lay low from the psycho family, who now have a new dad thanks to the ‘organisation’. So Dicks theory is they need to stick together to stay alive and they can only be a alliance, we haven’t quite gotten to team yet, if they know what each other can do, so they head to barn to demonstrate their powers, Kory gives us some of her sun powers but does mention she struggles at … Continue reading Titans – S1 Ep5 – Together Review

Titans – S1 Ep4 – DOOM Patrol Review

This episode was a fun one! We finally get a whole load of Beast Boy and we are introduced to the DOOM Patrol! So lots happening, we finally get a origin story for Gar (Beast Boy) albeit brief but I’m sure we’ll get more at a later date this was just to kinda give you a hint as to how he got his powers and why he’s where he is, he basically rescues Rachel and takes her to this massive mansion where he lives with a whole group of misfits who are some of my favourites……The DOOM Patrol! We are … Continue reading Titans – S1 Ep4 – DOOM Patrol Review

Titans – S1 Ep3 – Origins Review

So, Ep 3 of Titans and things are really ramping up!! We’re back with Kory (Starfire) still searching for Rachel (Raven) and still with little to no memory, she is at Rachels house all taped off after Rachels mother was murdered, she goes inside looks through some pictures before she’s surprised by some cops, who she manages to take down, it flashes forward to where we left the last episode with the psycho family taking Rachel, Kory follows them for a while until they take a break and goes in to rescue her, she proceeds to destroy half a building … Continue reading Titans – S1 Ep3 – Origins Review

Titans – S1 Ep2 – Hawk and Dove Review

So here we are with episode 2 of Titans Hawk and Dove! The episode opens with our introduction to Hawk (Hank Hall) not looking at his best tied up and about to be tortured and it seems like they’re going to be very mature with Titans as he is letting f-bombs go left and right. The costume is looking pretty spot on I really like it. The Lights Go Out and Dove (Dawn Granger) drops into the room and just absolutely ruins everyone, again her costume is looking on point. We cut to Hank and Dawns apartment where Hank is … Continue reading Titans – S1 Ep2 – Hawk and Dove Review