Our People

Jim – Editor-In-Chief, Podcast Co-Host, Reviewer – Titans, iZombie

Ok so I’m Jim, Im a massive comic book geek, especially Superman, but also Nightwing, Flash, Green Arrow, and Deathstroke most of my life revolves around comics one way or another, my eldest son is called Reeve and one of my cats is called Grayson, i had this crazy idea about creating a website dedicated to DC with reviews and such and now i’m surrounded by awesome people doing exactly that here!

Rob – Twitter Manager, Podcast Co-Host, Reviewer – Arrow, The Flash, Krypton

I’m Rob and I currently write reviews for Arrow and The Flash. I’ve loved superheroes since I was a kid, it was watching Adam West as Batman that first introduced me to the world of DC. If I could have any special ability it would be to shape shift, imagine what you could do with that!!!

Top 5 DC Characters Robin, Green Arrow, The Flash, Batman, Catwoman

Nicole – Facebook Manager

Full time mum who makes Italian gelato, runs her own cake business and loves all things DC especially Superman. Top 5 DC TV characters Tom Welling (Clark Kent), Stephen Amell (Green Arrow), Wentworth Miller (Captain Cold), Carlos Valdes (Cisco Ramone) Grant Gustin (The Flash) can I go on?? 5 just isn’t enough….My list wouldn’t be complete without one of my favourite villains Josh Segarra (Prometheus)

Emma – Reviewer – Legends of Tomorrow

I’m a chartered Town Planner from Wales. I love travel, whisky and archery. If I had to pick my 5 favourite characters are Felicity Smoak, Stein, Constantine, Nyssa Al Ghul and Zari

Steve – Reviewer – Gotham, Doom Patrol , The Flash, Swamp Thing

Dad/husband/writer/artist. Many know me as Geekus Maximus/Geekipedia/Nerd Yoda. Comic book historian, lover of sci-fi, fantasy books, graphic novels, movies and music. Animal lover, amateur chef and family man. My wife thinks that I own way too many comics, books, and movies.

I think this is an oxymoron.

Justin – Reviewer – Supergirl

My name is Justin Gilmore and I’m 26 years old (I’ll be 27 in May). I’m a native of Southern California and have a deep passion for all things nerdy! My areas of interest include Star Wars, Marvel, Star Trek, and of course DC, especially the Arrowverse. My top five favorite DC characters are: #1. The Flash, #2. Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash, #3. Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, #4. Slade Wilson/ Deathstroke, and #5. The Joker.

Michael – Reviewer – Superman The Animated Series

A Superman fan since the age of 4, Michael is no longer four but still a massive Superman fan. A public servant, personal trainer, travel, writer, music and comic book lover, he’s often trying to find ways to make as many of his passions intersect as possible.

Top 5 DC Characters (in order) 1. Superman, 2. Nightwing, 3. Superboy (pre-Flashpoint Kon-El), 4. Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), 5. Star Boy (Zero Hour Reboot)

Jamie – Reviewer – Flash 90s, Batman The Animated Series

Hi I’m Jamie and I’m a professional geek. I like wrestling, comic books, video games and going to conventions. My favourite superhero is The Flash. I love The 90s and modern day Flash tv shows. I work for a recycling company in London where I try to save the world in my own way every day.

Kirsten – Reviewer – Constantine

Hi I’m Kirsten. I’m a Glaswegian lass who likes the beautiful, nerdy things in life.
Fav DC character is Wonder Woman and I love me a bombshell!! My fav DC TV show is prob a
toss up between Legends of Tomorrow, Constantine or Gotham! Favourite animated series are
Justice League and Teen Titans Go! Outwith DC I am a massive Disney, Star Wars, LOTR and HP
fan. And asides allll of this, I enjoy reading, playing D&D and going to conventions!

Max – Reviewer – Batman Comics

Full time dreamer; much prefer the comic book world to the real world. DC, Marvel, classic rock/metal, TV and movies. Obsessed with it all. Love making lists in my head that make perfect sense to me and only me! Prefer animals to (most) people and believe that the perfect state of bliss is feet up on the couch with a captivating trade paperback