This Week in DCTV – 5/3/21

He’s back!! The Flash joins our screens once again, lets find out what the team thought of the season 7 opener among the other shows this week…

Season 1 Episode 2 ‘Heritage’

Jim – I thought it might be difficult to follow up what was an amazing pilot but episode 2 kept things on par! We get more development for Jonathan on Jordan (who as expected is named after Jor-El, nice touch) I loved the scenes in the Fortress meeting the new Jor-El and Angus Macfadyen brings a new version to the screen and a new version of the Kryptonian costume which I really dig.

I feel like this show is going to be very character heavy and I like that, quite often a Superman show can focus on his feats more than anything else but this is breaking down the character in a very human way and tbh I love it!

Rob – Wow, wow, bloody wow! I will admit I was worried that the second episode wouldn’t stand up to the brilliance of the pilot but wow – it totally did.

For me, this episode was very much showcasing Lois as the head of the family and as an accomplished journalist. Elizabeth Tulloch is giving us brilliance! I also liked the take on Jonathan starting school in Smallville and seeing this kid who was clearly very popular at his old school dealing with being the underdog now is interesting. The end of the episode was flipping awesome and this storyline with Captain Luthor has completely reeled me in. I’m already finding myself looking forward to the new episode each week.

Alan – I was really pressed for time this week, but I made sure I found time to watch this show to see if the quality continued from episode one. What can I say? Superman & Lois smashed it again. A journey to the Fortress of Solitude to see Jor-El! Awesome, it felt like I was a kid watching Superman The Movie again.

I know we are only two episodes in, but so far so good. I really like the characters, I think Tyler Hoechlin makes a great Superman, and Bitsie Tulloch is great as Lois. Lois is already off and, well, being Lois Lane, and I’m enjoying the family group dynamic. I’m really looking forward to seeing how they build on it and what more we get. Roll on next week!!

JustinSuperman & Lois delivers once again! With Lois front and center this episode, this exciting and revelatory hour made up for what seemed like a lack of the strong intrepid reporter in the premiere. Bitsie Tulloch shines as Lane, who begins her quest to bring down the charming, but secretly devilish Morgan Edge (who now is British due to Crisis apparently). I loved seeing her stick to her guns against both Edge and Kyle Cushing, who continues to be blind to the billionaire’s shady dealings. I am intrigued to see how she continues her investigation now under the banner of the Smallville Gazette.

The writers also do a beautiful job of tying Lois to her son Jonathan as the two non-powered members of the family. They both make sacrifices by moving to Smallville. They do it though out of love for Clark and Jordan, who gain more by the move than they do. Speaking of Jordan and Clark, I enjoyed seeing them bond at the Fortress though their journey ends in disappointment. It is also refreshing to see the twins still have that brotherly love for each other though they are still jealous of each other at times. Captain Luhtor’s backstory was fascinating as well!

Can’t wait for more!

Season 7 Episode 1 ‘All’s Well That Ends Wells’

Jim – So season 7 starts off with trying to tie up all the things that we should’ve got at the end of season 6 so with that I think the season premiere felt a little over full, there were just so many stories going that probably would’ve been spread over the last couple of eps last season.

However, I have always enjoyed the Flash, it has all the heart and comedy that just makes it a joy to watch and I’m looking forward to this season maybe slowing down a touch and opening out the story again, though I would like to move away from the Eva story sooner rather than later and it has to be said I dont know if I like a world of Flash without Wells in it, he has always been one of my favourite characters and I hope they find a way to bring him back somehow!

Rob – I feel like at this point The Flash is like an old friend so I am very happy to have the show back and the comfort it brings. Jumping straight back into the story made the opening scene feel grand and they dealt with Ralph’s absence pretty swiftly. One thing the show always does well is humour and I do really enjoy it’s more light hearted moments. I totally appreciated how brilliant Grant Gustin was when Barry was infused with the spirits of the other Wells. Who knew he was so good at accents!

I missed Cisco and Caitlin but it gave us a chance to reacquaint with Allegra and Chester and see them take place in the team and interact with Barry. Tom Cavanagh, as always, was excellent!!! The ending with Eva was intriguing and I’m wondering how that reveal will impact on what’s going to happen. Someone needs to hurry up and save Iris though.

JustinThe Flash is finally back after nearly a year! This premiere (though not initially intended to be one) kicked off the season in grand and emotional fashion. “All’s Wells That Ends Wells” proved to be quite a literal title.

Surprisingly, this exciting episode served as a beautiful send-off for the various versions of Harrison Wells as played brilliantly by Tom Cavanagh. Wells has been a major part of this series since the start so this “goodbye” hit hard for me. I admit I was nearly brought to tears (as Barry was) during the emotional sequence. Cavanagh and Grant Gustin delivered incredible performances once again in this episode. However, as noted by showrunner Eric Wallace, this is not the end of Tom Cavanagh on the series as Wells did not bid farewell to Cisco or Caitlin whom he was also close with. I for one am glad at this news as Cavanagh is one of my favorite actors in the Arrowverse. It will be interesting to see what’s next for him.

Season 2 Episode 6 ‘Do Not Resuscitate’

Justin – This episode was perhaps my favorite episode of the season so far. The writers continue to do a commendable job juggling the various characters while properly giving each of them compelling motivations. Coryana has now become a major focus for all of the characters. It is not just a race to find Kate, but now the Desert Rose.

This episode also focused on the various relationships of the series. While Ryan and Angelique’s relationship fell apart once again, her bond with Luke strengthened finally. In addition, Ryan saves Sophie, despite her feelings about her and the Crows. I hope this is the beginning of a partnership and friendship between the two. Another highlight of the episode for me was the Mary and Jacob dynamic. It was refreshing to see their father-daughter relationship explored more as it isn’t usually a focus.

I look forward to what is next!

Season 4 Episode 4 ‘The Book of Reconstruction: Chapter Four: A Light in the Darkness’

Justin – This is easily my favorite episode of the season so far. The emotional core of the show continues to shine as Jefferson and his family deal with their collective trauma. Tobias’s plans begin to take shape with his secret assassination of the Mayor and his interest in Lynn’s research. Marvin “Krondon” Jones III continues to deliver brilliant performances as this now beloved villain. His one liner calling the Pierce family “the chocolate covered Incredibles” was hilarious.

This episode featured some deeply emotional moments with Jefferson, Lynn and Jennifer. Speaking of Jen, this chapter also delivered a shocking moment as Jen seemingly disintegrated. I sincerely hope that this is not the official end of the character. China Anne McClain is to appear in only a few episodes this season so it is entirely possible that this could be what leads to her exit. All in all, this was another great episode!


This Week in DCTV – 26/2/21

Superman & Lois join the line up this week along with Batwoman and Black Lightning, lets see what the team thought of them!

Superman & Lois

Jim – Wow what a debut!! I have to say this was possibly the strongest pilot the Arrowverse has ever had, the longer run time made it feel epic and the introduction to the Kent kids is fantastic, a new take on a story that we thought we knew! Tyler is great as both Clark and Superman and the chemistry with Elizabeth’s Lois is just so natural and their role as parents to Jordan and Jonathan fits so well.

The whole episode flows really nicely between Superman doing what he does best and the challenge of him and Lois being parents to two teenagers. The Easter eggs and plots twists really added to the whole story. This episode made me laugh, cry and I just want more now!

Rob – YES YES YES!!!!! What a fantastic pilot. This has such a different tone to the other CW shows and I don’t think I’ve been this invested in any of the others after just one episode. I felt like I was watching a movie. Tyler and Elizabeth have great on screen chemistry. Tyler plays both Clark and Superman brilliantly. Love the new look, love the new suit. Jordan and Alex are great as the twins and I’m digging the aspect of Clark and Lois being parents. This is fresh and exciting and I’m already buzzing for the next episode. Lastly, I loved the scene with Jordan Kent playing Injustice 2!

Alan – What a start!! I loved every second of this! The show feels different to any other the “Arrowverse” shows which, for me, makes if feel fresh, but at the same time it felt like Superman.

The show is full of little references and Easter eggs and references, I’ve watched it twice to try and spot them after I saw a few the first time. I love that it puts Superman in a world where he is dealing with all stuff real people have to deal with. Moody kids, work troubles, family issues. This felt like parts of my life, and was so relatable.

I’m all in, and looking forward to seeing where they go with it. For me, it’s the best pilot of any CW DC show so far. If the whole season keeps at this level, it will be must watch TV.

Justin – UP, UP, AND AWAY!!

At long last, the highly anticipated series, Superman & Lois, has finally premiered! The Man Of Steel has officially returned to the silver screen in a new series which places him in a new position: fatherhood! This exciting addition to the CW’s Arrowverse sees Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) and his beloved wife and world famous reporter Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) face parenthood while juggling their respective jobs.

Now this is what a Superman and Lois series is supposed to be! Full of hope, heroics, and optimism, this series captures the best of these characters and places them in a fascinating situation: parenthood. The cast and crew deliver a simply superb pilot featuring great action, powerful emotion, and compelling storytelling. Tyler Hoechlin and Bitsie Tulloch are phenomenal in the title roles continuing from their appearances in previous Arrowverse shows. Jordan Elsass and Alexander Garfin shine as the Kent twins delivering powerful performances. The rest of the supporting casting compliment them nicely fleshing out this fascinating world. I am thoroughly impressed by not only the writing and performances, but the visual effects and movie quality cinematography. This is shot beautifully and though it shares the same continuity with the other Arrowverse shows, its look sets it apart and allows it to be its own thing. I personally feel that this trend was started with DC’s Stargirl, which also has the same quality. All in all, I am fully on board with this series and can’t wait to see where the story goes!


Rob – The issue I’m having is that for us to truly see Javicia as Batwoman we need to move on from Ruby Rose. The Kate storyline seems to be getting bigger and bigger rather than just quickly wrapping up her character. It’s boring me and it’s distracting. Just give us Ryan – we love her! So unfortunately this episode was another miss for me, even the Jack Napier name drop couldn’t save it.

Alan – The hunt for Alice continues, fine I guess. The problem that I have is that there are now something like three separate searches for Kate all running alongside each other, and I’m struggling to see where this is going. Unless they’ve managed to talk Ruby Rose into some kind of appearance, I’m not sure what the payoff is, maybe I’m missing something.

What was  interesting thing for me was that Ryan seems to having some kind of lasting effects or slowly developing effects to the Kryptonite that pierced the Batsuit previously, so we’ll have to see what that means.

I watched it after Superman and Lois, which showed me that that’s the thing Batwoman is only just fine. It’s not exceptional. I’ll stick with it for now, but if I find myself short of time in a week, at the moment it’s now the one that would be dropped.

JustinBatwoman once again delivers an intriguing and compelling episode. This season is doing a fantastic job of weaving together each character’s storylines together as well as including important social themes. Javicia Leslie’s Ryan is now fully integrated into this show for me personally. She no longer feels like a placeholder, although the spectre of Kate still looms. It is great to see her bond with the rest of Team Batwoman especially Luke (Camrus Johnson). Their scene on the balcony of Wayne Tower was deeply moving. Luke is finally starting to warm up to her and realizes they have things in common. This episode delves further into social issues such as corruption in law enforcement which is especially relevant today. The show handles this well unlike others that are oftentimes too heavy handed.

Lincoln Clauss’s Wolf Spider was a great addition to the show this episode. I enjoyed this take on the character and the representation it provides.

Rachel Skarsten continues to shine as Alice! I for one am glad the writers have more stories to tell with her that are not solely tied to Kate.

I am intrigued to see where the story goes from here!

Black Lightning

JustinBlack Lightning continues its streak of enjoyable episodes! This episode asks two interesting questions: “Who is Jefferson without Black Lightning?” and “What is Freeland without Black Lightning?” The series begins to answer these questions with Jefferson beginning to step out from behind his alter-ego’s shadow. In addition, the city is in shambles after Black Lightning’s disappearance. Crime is on the rise and his kids are left to save the city themselves. This episode also continues to showcase Lynn’s struggle with identity and being her true self. I must commend the writers and actors for showcasing this aspect of superheroism and presenting more human stories. So far, this season has the potential to be a special closing chapter for the series.


This Week in DCTV – 19/2/21

Things are ramping up with DCTV, Batwoman and Black Lightning this week!


Rob – What I want to know is how did little Ryan resist eating all those jelly beans on day one???

I like Ryan and Mary bonding and becoming friends. I wasn’t enjoying the backstory at first but it gave more substance to Ryan and her reasons for wanting to be Batwaman and it’s genuinely Javicia that’s keeping my interest in the show at the moment.

Alan – We’re back for the fourth episode of Batwoman, and I’m still liking it so far.

This episode tried to do multiple plot points all woven together, but I’m not sure how well that worked. The opening started off with a  whole drugs plot line, which then seemed to not really go anywhere, and we still have the looking for Kate hunt. I’m, not sure where they are planning on going with that, but I feel like it’s not going to pay off, because we already know Ruby Rose is very unlikely to come back.

I did very much enjoy that we got a lot of Ryan’s backstory and her childhood showing how she was kidnapped by someone who is still operating. There were references to Batman and Joker in this backstory, and we find out that she was a comic book kid. Which also shows id DC Comics is at thing in this universe, as is the Green Lantern Corps, in comic form at least.

I felt there was very little actual Batwoman in this episode, it was only really right at the beginning and then the end, but that was fine. We also look like we could be heading towards and alliance, at very least and acceptance from the Crows that Batwoman is helpful.

Overall while there were elements, I wasn’t sure on, I enjoyed this again, and will continue to come back next time. Final thought, is Ocean Black Mask?

JustinBatwoman is back after a brief one week break (due to the Superbowl) with another great episode! This fourth chapter of Season 2 sees Ryan recall a painful part of her past as she sets out to find a missing kid. Our new Batwoman is such a fascinating character. Ryan’s latest mission further cements the kind of hero she has set out to be: a hero for the overlooked. The series is doing an incredible job of depicting real life issues while still providing an element of fantasy and escapism.

This was yet another stellar episode of Batwoman! Ryan is truly coming into her own as Gotham’s hero. Using her own past experiences, she is able to reach those that Kate necessarily could not. It is powerful to see a hero that champions those that are overlooked by society. Ryan’s backstory continues to be powerful and compelling.The Candy Lady proved to be an unexpectedly menacing side villain. I also loved the dynamic between Sophie and Alice in this episode. I am curious to see who is able to track down Kate first, that is if she is even alive.

I am looking forward to what’s next!

Black Lightning

Justin – Dark are the days in Freeland. It seems that this is the new normal for the city and its people. This second chapter of the final season sees the Pierce Family and the city of Freeland continue to deal with the pain, grief, and the rising gang warfare. Jefferson continues to be reckless with his abilities as he processes his grief. This puts him at odds with Gambi, who is on a mission of his own to protect the city’s metas. Only two episodes and this season is already shaping up to be a worthy conclusion to this important series. This series is at its strongest when it uses the fantastical element to elevate human stories.

As I said in my season premiere review, it is refreshing to see the series come full circle and focus on the Pierce Family and the personal quest to protect Freeland. The way the series presents moral ambiguity and what it means to be a hero continues to be fascinating. Jefferson’s recent behavior isn’t necessarily right, but you can understand his motivation. Lynn is doing things for noble reasons as well, but her methods are also questionable. This episode also leans into the strained relationships between Jefferson and his family. His falling out with Gambi was especially heartbreaking to watch. Speaking of Gambi, I am glad to see him have personal attachments outside of the Pierce family. I feel like he has earned a chance to settle down and have some love in his life. It will definitely be interesting to see how the storyline plays out. All in all, I am excited to see where the season takes us!

This Week in DCTV – 5/2/21

Batwoman continues….

Jim – This week Batwoman definitely picks up, the introduction of Victor Zsasz is great, feels like Ryan is getting her own villains which is awesome and her settling into the role really well. I’ll be honest I’d rather they continue this way and maybe lessen Alice some, she’s a great character but her story is very connected to Kate which is cool right now but I would like them to move away at some point. From what we learn in this episode it doesn’t look like they’re doing that any time soon!

We also got some hints at maybe a future villain with the mention of a man in a Black Mask, that’s very exciting!! And a mention of Jack Napier, they’re busting all the villains out this week and we finally got to meet the infamous Safiyah, it will interesting to see well this story goes.

Rob – “Have you seen the damn wig!!!!!”

New look, new Batwoman and this episode was more like it. It gave me what I wanted and we saw Ryan have a little more fun with her new role which brought a much more lighthearted tone. This also meant Mary was the Mary that I love watching too. The fun was brilliantly mixed in with a great villain. Alex Morf was pure joy as Victor Zsasz. Victor maybe wasn’t as threatening as other versions we’ve seen but he was great to watch in this episode.

Alan – Week 3, and we have the usual fixtures in place, Luke is still kidding himself that Kate is coming back and Ryan is just a stand in, and Alice up to all kinds mischief in the background. We also find Ryan trying to make the Batwoman her own and disposed of the red wig. I find this is a shame, I like the red wig and feel it is iconic of the character, but I understand the need and desire to differentiate Ryan from Kate.

Alice is still great, and probably the best character, although I really enjoyed the portrayal of Victor Zsasz. I always enjoy  Zsasz as a character , and often wish he was used (in any media) as one of the “bigger villains”. We find him captured by Batwoman by the end of the episode, I hope we get to see more of him at some point.

Referring to the bigger villains, this now brings me to the main issue I have with this episode. The reference to Jack Napier. Anyone who has seen Batman ’89 knows that Jack Napier is an alias of Joker, and with so many great villains in the DC Universe, do we really need another Joker portrayal? I love the Joker when he’s done well, but I hope they don’t go in that direction.

Kendra – In Season 2 Episode 3 of Batwoman, a contract killer runs amuck in Gotham and Ryan has to stop them.Victor Zsasz, the hitperson, is a wonderful dip into the villain lineup. While it seem Victor kills indiscriminately…there is a definite method to the madness. I love the balance that this episode provides both giving a short story and playing the long game. It isn’t easy to do and when it happens it is so enjoyable.

Also Kate is brought up again as evidence comes to light that she may yet live, and this raises questions on just what they are planning to do with Kate Kane when the airplane crash would have sufficed to close that story. Guess we will see how this one unfolds as the season comes out.

Justin – This was yet another great episode of Batwoman! Javicia Leslie is truly coming into her own as the lead of this series. Ryan Wilder is officially Batwoman as of this episode and it was great to watch. The new suit is fantastic! Alex Morf was simply brilliant as Victor Zsasz. Charming and terrifying, he was the perfect villain for Ryan’s first true outing as her own Batwoman. I found it fascinating that he also inspires Ryan to make Batwoman her own.

I also love the budding friendship between Mary and Ryan. Nicole Kang continues to be a fantastic part of this cast that always brings heart and humor to each episode. Camrus Johnson’s Luke Fox is finally warming up to Ryan which is a joy to watch. Johnson is truly a phenomenal talent. Shivani Ghai’s debut as Safiyah was fantastic as well. Her regal and powerful portrayal of the Queen of Coryana was definitely reminiscent of Matt Nable’s Ra’s Al-Ghul from Arrow. I can’t wait to see if she is telling the truth concerning Kate or if she is simply manipulating Alice.

I am looking forward to what’s next!

This Week in DCTV – 29/1/21

We’re back with just Batwoman again, lets see what the guys thought!!

Jim – Ok so after last weeks triumphant return of Batwoman I was quite excited for this episode…..unfortunately episode 2 didn’t quite live up to the level of the premiere, it was still a good episode, Ryan’s character development continues well and I do really like her but the rest of the ep felt like a little bit like filler, there are a lot of side stories going on so i just feel like they need to tighten it up going forward, but I’m looking forward to where it goes!

Rob – I still love everything about Ryan and it’s fun watching her find her footing as the new Batwoman. Although I enjoyed the interactions between Ryan and Alice very much and the poison bats were fun, this kind of felt like a filler episode to me and for episode two that’s not the best. Ryan discovering Kate’s diary and beginning to write to Kate as she did to Bruce, was a nice touch.

It might be a little crazy because of the general tone of the show but I want to see something a bit more lighthearted from it, more so to have other layers to Ryan so she doesn’t just become the typical, brooding vigilante stereotype.

Alan – Week two, and I came to Batwoman for episode 2, and so far so good. Again I enjoyed this. I though Javicia Leslie was good again as Ryan, but I think Alice steals the show (I thought she did in what I saw of season 1 too). OI thought episode felt very much something that fits well in the “Batman Universe”.

There were a few things that I particularly enjoyed, I chuckled at the cop trying to shoot bats with a shotgun, and I enjoyed the view through the cowl when Ryan was looking for the device bringing in the bats. It felt very much like detective vision from the Arkham game series. I did feel like the bats were gotten rid of a little too easily. I’m not sure that an explosive device that small thrown on the road under a bus would make it explode the way it did and kill all those bats. Then I thought, hey, it’s TV show based on a comic book so we don’t need (and probably don’t want) that to be super realistic.

Overall, once again, I enjoyed this, and look forward to seeing where it goes now that Ryan has now been accepted to become Batwoman officially to give Gotham the hope it needs (until Kate returns)