Constantine – S1 Ep7 – Blessed are the Damned Review

We start off the episode in a town called Briarwood. We are introduced to a brother and sister (the familiar face of Juliana Harkavy) and an ominous looking box- which we find out soon enough houses a snake. We cut to the local church, where the brother, Zack is a preacher. We find out that Zack’s father died previously and he has taken over. This is where the snake comes in. He preaches about the saviour and being safe but then things go a little wrong and after being bitten, he mediately falls to the floor dead. Shocked faces everywhere, but not as shocked as when he comes back alive again. He proceeds to heal a man with an amputation- growing the leg fully back. Miracles. Knowing the show, this cannot be a good sign- and neither was the glowing object Zack put in his pocket.

The show then cuts to Zed at a still life class. Which is a good time to point out that I almost forgot she was an artist- so thank you for this! However this is cut short with a blood-curdling shriek as Zed has a vision of snakes all around her ankles. Class goes into a short break, and during this time we see the life model talk to Zed, asking her out. Zed seems a little held back and hesitant in giving him her number, but changes her mind. Is this hesitant as there may be something with John? Or just not ready to date? Or just simply not interested? I like to think that Zed is holding back as she has some feelings for John, but we shall see how this potential story comes into place.

Zed heads to see John to tell him of the vision and the pair of them head to Briarwood. The conversations between them are quite important as we see a little more insight into Zed’s character. She believes that there is ‘something’ else in life- a guiding hand of it all. We also find out later in the episode that she would like to know where her powers come from- something that has not really came up much in the show so far! After chatting a little they head into see the preacher in his church. A massive contrast to size of congregation- there are people coming from all over to see Zack’s miracles. Constantine recognises (but doesn’t understand) the language of the angels that Zack is chanting during his service- Enochian. After the service they speak to him one-to-one and Zed has a vision- there are wings and its all shadowy, however one thing is certain. Zed confirms that Zack is faithful and has good intentions. Constantine however is less impressed and simply tries to get a measure of him.

The show cuts to the man in the first scene- the amputee man who grew his leg back! At the doctors surgery we see him turn. His skin changes, sweating and then he turns animalistic -attacking the doctor and later, the sheriff. His eyes are red. Something has indeed went wrong with the miracles. Who would have thought??

Constantine yells out for Manny, which is significant for a couple of reasons, however, this is the first time Zed finds out about him, and the fact that angels really do exist and are in contact with John Constantine! This leads onto Constantine and Zed finding a hurt fallen angel and how it happened i.e. damage to the wings. Things are definitely piecing together.

We head back to Zack and his sister Sarah where we find out that Sarah is getting more and more worried about where the powers come from. We find out a lot of her worries surround Zack and how he has been a changed man for a while. I get a vibe here that Zack may have killed his father and this is how he is trying to prove himself? But these are just my speculations. This would have been a good little sub-plot to expand a little, but timing and pace of the episode- I get it!

Suddenly the pace of the show gets a lot faster when we basically see more attacks by the first ‘miracle’ guy- we found out upon his death that he is a ‘ghoul’- i.e. he is formed when magic goes wrong. Constantine and Zed work out a plan to steal Zack’s source of power (the feather from the angel) however, it’s not that easy. While being chased by ghouls, Zack confessed to killing his father (I KNEW IT) and then Constantine puts two and two together and realises that the angel is not good! Beautifully terrible we see the fallen angel in all her glory and we see her end. It would be nice if the series looked more at angels and their place in it all, as from what little we know of her and of Manny, I am extremely interested.

The episode ends with Zed on the phone to her date (I didn’t even pick up his name). A light conversation that ends with them re-arranging to meet another time. This more light-heartedness abruptly comes to an end as the man from the date isn’t alone and we find out that people are after Zed. Who? Who knows… but an interesting ending to the episode all the same!


Legends of Tomorrow – S5 Ep8 – Romeo V Juliet: Dawn of Justness Review

Following Ray and Norah’s wedding the newly weds have been settling into married life. However Damien’s words have been playing on Ray’s mind and Ray announces to Norah that he wants to be there for her so he thinks that they should leave the Waverider. With the decision made they head off to begin the day and encounter the others waiting for the bathroom that is being hogged by Zari. Ray and Norah break the news and all that matters now is how they tell Nate?

Ray and Nate have been through a lot together and the realisation that Ray is going to leave has just hit home. However while Ray finds a way to break the news the team are off to find the first piece of the Loom of Fate.

Charlie confirms that a trip to 1594 London is on the cards. Cue William Shakespeare who has the loom piece which is disguised as a ring. Shakespeare is going through a writer’s block and is stumped on how to end his newest play Romeo and Juliet. Meanwhile back on the Waverider Mona is back for Norah’s post wedding book club and an invitation to Zari follows. It isn’t long before Norah is having her delayed bachelorette party.

Constantine, Ray, Mick, Nate, Behrad and Charlie meanwhile have recovered the ring that Shakespeare had sold to fund the play. It seems that Ray’s last mission has gone without a hitch. Well that is until they decide to stay for Ray’s bachelor party. The drink flows and they start to talk about the loom. What they don’t know is that the coin maker has been working on Astra and they are spying on them to find out what the team are looking for. Constantine senses the presence and casts a spell to repel the being. He realises too late that it appears to be Astra. Constantine has interupted one of the local’s pints and a fight follows. Shakepeare observes the team in full superhero mode and the girls notice the title has changed and Romeo and Juiet is gone.

Mona tries to convince Mick to contact his daughter but he is afraid. Mona is the only one who can get through. Remains to be seen if Mick makes contact.

The team return to the Waverider and Sara brings them to task They are forced to return to London and to convince Shakepeare to put on the play with the correct ending. Shakespeare is found to be drowning his sorrows as the funds to put on the play have been cancelled following the disappearance of the ring. The team have to put the play on in order to save literary history. Howver while Ray is convincing Shakepeare Nate overhears Ray say he is leaving the team and is devastated by the apparent betrayal. Nate tells Ray to leave while they sort out this Shakespearean mess. It’s only when Nate is delivering the balcony scene with Constantine that he realises his mistake. Zari takes Nate’s place as Juliet and with Constantine as Romeo deliver a brilliant balcony scene and literary history is saved because the only tale of woe should be that of Juliet and her Romeo. Except this time they had competition as Ray and Nate said their goodbyes.

A number of questions for the rest of the season remain – what is the coin makers interest in the loom? Is she going to turn out to be one of Charlie’s sisters? Will the Romeo and Juliet scene signal romance for Constantine and Zari? How will the team function without Ray’s quirky ways? Still sad that Ray and Norah are gone with the team losing two members of its family. This episode landed while a lot of the world is facing its greatest challenge but what this episode has shown and the world in general is that we are all on a journey. We all start and finish but its the journey that matters and we all have our part to play in this part of our journey. Take care and we can all have an escape to the Waverider to look forward to.

Earth-9 Podcast – Ep15

This week we have some movie talk with The Batman and Superman Red Son, the usual tv talk with the Arrowverse, but also we bring something new into the show with some more comic talk!
In a world full of craziness come and chill out on an Earth filled with fun!


Legends of Tomorrow – S5 Ep7 – Mr Parker’s cul de sac Review

Following Constantine’s brush with death Ray is inspired to seize the day and propose to Norah. Cue the preparations of a fancy dinner with Gary’s assistance at Chez Constantine. Norah arrives for dinner with her latest charge, Pippa. Gary who as enthusiastic as always seems to disappear.

Back on the Waverider Gideon has detected the presence of an Encore in 1874 Salvation. Astra has brought back Damien Darhk who has taken the 2018 Gary who was on Beebo parts collection duty following the team’s success two years before. Gary is tied to the train tracks by Damien and it seems that Gary is about to run of steam when Ava and Sara arrive to save the day. Gary tells them that Damien is back and he has taken his time device. Gary is soon sent back to 2018 while Ava and Sara go to Constantine’s to kill Damien hopefully before Norah finds out that he is back. They arrive but its too late and Norah is already trying to keep her dad happy. The lies follow and Ray is put in charge of watching Pippa while Norah gets to spend one more evening with her dad.

Meanwhile Constantine is still after the Loom of Fate and Nate suggests that a trip to the South Pole would lead to a part of the loom. Constantine is all geared up to go when he realises that Charlie had used her shape shifting powers to deceive him and to send him on a false errand.

Mick is his usual happy self and is infuriated by a very active troll who has taken exception to his novels. Zari is tasked to help Mick wth the troll so the rest of the team can deal with the Encore.

Damien is extremely happy with the thought of Norah’s darhkness and black magic reaching new heights. Norah’s lies spiral and within minutes Sara and Ava are her hench women and Constantine (much to his look of horror) is now Norah’s dark arts boy friend.

Ray, feeling sad after being asked to leave by Norah so she can manage her dad is bonding with Pippa over his favourite childhood programme of Mr Parker’s cul de sac. It is at this moment that Nate and Behrad reveal that they felt he was rushing things.

Zari and Mick have tracked down the troll and in a twist none of us saw coming Mick comes face to face with his daughter. The daughter he never knew he had with Ali. Definitley Mick’s daughter as the looks of attitude definitely show they are related. Mick can’t cope with the revelation and wipes their minds and leaves.

Ray returns to Constantine’s in time for Ava to find the ring in the cake and for Damien to realise that they were trying to poison him with a potion that would remove his powers, However Norah comes to her senses and reveals her new life and current role as child helper and fairy god mother. Damien is horrified and threatens to kill the team. Charlie, Behrad and Nate turn up just in time with Pippa who decides to wish them all on to Mr Parker’s cul de sac. Their stint on the programme forces Damien, Norah and Ray to talk properly about their future hopes. Charlie and Constantine are thrown together and after watching puppet Sara and Ava make up following the revelation that Wild Dog had offered Sara a job in Star City. Constantine and Charlie reach a deal that they will find the loom of fate to stop Charlie’s sister getting the loom, save Astra and then destroy it as the loom has powers too great for one person. Gary gets over his train phobia and Nate becomes everyones sunshine in Mr Parker’s cul de sac.

Damien finally comes to his senses and with all the drama Pippa releases Norah. Damien finally does the decent thing and accepts that Norah wants a different life with Ray. Ray and Norah decide to get married that very evening, The wedding goes with a swing with the full team in attendance. The team turned out in their finest refinery – except for Constantine who sported his trade mark trench coat. Damien gives Ray his blessing and suggests well warns Ray that he better be there for Norah and support her new calling, Ray suddenly realises that to have the stable life Norah needs he will need to leave the Waverider. Norah is overjoyed that she got to share her wedding with her dad who she thought she had lost forever.

Sara and Damien share a moment as Damien is about to sneak out of the party. Damien knows Sara can’t forgive him because he can’t forgive himself. Damien also admits that he made a deal with Astra for his return from hell and he expects an eternity of torture in hell because he didn’t fulfil the Encore contract. Damien sacrifices himself and uses the hell sword to return to hell despite the fate that is awaiting him. Norah is in the darhk over his fate but he is not concerned because he has seen and got what he wanted – Norah happy and settled with Ray and has the friendship of the legends.

What a great episode. Having Damien back was a real treat and seeing Norah and Damien reconnect was just magic. Mr Parker’s cul de sac appeared to be a sightly odd programme but it was the catalyst for the happy ever after for Ray and Norah. The sad implication though being the impending Ray and Norah departure which will be a great loss for the team. I loved Norah’s dress and Chez Constantine turned out to be the perfect wedding venue. Although Constanine could have changed his coat and it remains to be seen how long he is able to quit smoking for. Mick being in total denial over his daughter was also really refreshing and fun to watch. I expect Mick will have met his match. Looking forwad to fate taking a hand and the loom being a step closer as the series progresses.

Legends of Tomorrow – S5 Ep6 – Mortal Khanbat Review

So at the end of the last episode we saw Astra attempt to end Constantine’s life by bringing forward the onset of lung cancer. The episode starts with Constantine being taken to the Waverider where the diagnosis is confirmed – stage 4 with a matter of hours remaining.

To keep the team busy Ava suggests that they track their latest encore which takes them to Hong Kong (1997). Hong Kong is about to be handed back from Britain to China. Ava, Charlie, Behrad and Nate have a Triad tea room staked out. They are looking for the encore/ gangster who is trying to take over the Triad’s operations. Enter gangster with thirteenth century armour who is quickly identified as Genghis Khan. A terrific gun fight follows but Khan gets away. In the midst of the flying bullets it becomes clear that Behrad and Charlie have a connection and have been avoiding each other since her return.

Back on the Waverider Constantine is determined to leave. Illness won’t stop this Brit from finding out what happened. Constantine knows that the onset of this illness has magic at its core. Constantine returns home but with Gary and Ray by his side.They try all sorts of magical cures until Constantine resolves to enter purgatory to find who did this to him. Constantine comes face to face with Astra who he discovers owns the chip to his soul and is the cause of his failing health. Constantine gets angry and tells Ray and Gary to leave.

In Hong Kong it becomes clear that Khan’s real target is Prince Charles who is there to hand Hong Kong back to the chinese. Khan has other ideas and decides to put together a modern fleet of warfare to gain a new empire. Charlie discovers this but is almost killed when the past she has been evading starts to call her name.

Constantine has resigned himsef to his last day and apologies to his friends. Ray makes a traditional roast for a last supper and the trio toast what they think will be their last. Ray admits he wants to marry Norah and the fact the Gary wants to be their ‘flower boy’ is only slightly odd. Constantine announces his intentions in his last will and admits that the toast he drank was in fact poison and he collapses.

In Hong Kong it looks as though Khan will succeed when he gets the prince. However Charlie has taken the Prince’s place. It looks as though Charlie has reached the end of the road when Khan orders her death. Behrad steps forward as the hero and blocks the bullets using the totem. Khan is thwarted and the timeline saved. Charlie admits that she left because she hid the loom of fate across the multiverse and following the recent crisis all of the pieces are now in one plain. This is leading Charlie’s sisters to her and they will kill her if they find her. The legends resolve to stick together and protect Charlie from the sister’s that she has been evading for thousands of years.

Constantine is facing his final sixty seconds when he talks to Astra about her mother and signs the song that Natalie had sang to Constantine then Astra. Constantine says he can change it all and Astra finally shows some heart and love for her mother. Astra spins the dial and restores Constantine’s health so he can keep the promise of bringing back her mother. That being said his life/ chip is still in Astra’s hands and she could end his life whenever she sees fit. Constantine awakens much to Ray and Gary’s surprise with a new lease of life and a promise to keep and a loom to find.

This episode has set the scene for the rest of the series. I really thought Constantine had had his chips and there would be no saving him. He has nine lives and the luck of the devil. Although he knew how to strike a chord with Astra – with her weakness being her mother. Astra may have been in hell but she clearly loves her mother and would do anything – even save Constantine if it meant she could get her back. I really hope Constantine keeps his promise but despite the good intentions he doesn’t have a good track record. I loved how Ray and Gary stayed despite all of Constantine’s protests and how they bonded. I thought the story line was handled superbly and translated to screen like the legends writers only can. Although Gary being Norah and Ray’s ‘flower boy’ is definitely one step too far. I really liked seeing some soul and depth to Behrad. Up to now Behrad has been a bit of a mystery and Zari 2.0 is still finding her feet. So the loom of fate could if restored dictate someone’s future. Can the team find it and stop Charlie’s evil sisters from regaining control over its powers? Its clear that the loom is bound to divide the team somehow as they will each want the loom for different reasons but I guess only time will tell if the team are fated to succeed.